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Working on a Project



Los Angeles

LMU International Business Ethics & Sustainaibility Case Competition

As a sophomore the Spring of 2020, I was sent to Los Angeles with a team on behalf of the Dean of Paul College to compete in the International Business Ethics & Sustainability Case Competition. Through this experience, I worked with my team to develop a well-structured solution to a business case regarding gender inequality in leadership positions in the Finance Industry, all inculcating the Model UN's Sustainable Development Goal of eliminating gender inequality. 

This was an incredible experience, where I was enveloped in a competitive environment and receiving critique from industry professionals. As part of the competition, I was selected to give an elevator pitch on the recommendation from our business case and received recognition from judges following the event. This experience was pivotal in solidifying my interest in creating shared value while meeting students from across the world with similar academic interests. 


Organizational Consulting, University of New Hampshire

Through the Sophomore Drift project, I was able to combine my passion for organizational consulting and analytics with my course knowledge and institutional findings to provide sound recommendations for the University and its department of Advancement to consider in its long term reinvigoration of undergraduate enrollment at the University. A thorough student survey provided ample data to expose unexpected correlations among student engagement and enrollment trends. Reach out if you are interested in learning more about team findings and our integrative recommendations.


Distinguised Oral Presentation, Undergraduate Research Conference

The team with whom I traveled to Los Angeles was able to adjust our original 30 minute presentation to the 6-minute time limit set by the University's Undergraduate Research Conference, where we were all later distinguished for our presentation which focused on optimizing financial returns and other organizational benefits via striving for gender equity in corporate leadership positions through engaging the limbic brain in vulnerability exercises.  



New Product Development & Launch Strategy, ZeusCharge

Through my New  Product Development CLlass, I worked with a team of marketers and entrepreneurs through the development process of a bluetooth wireless charger. Ultimately, the team developed a finished product, launch strategy, and marketing plan for the new technology. This was decided after conducting VOC reserch, market analysis, and an iterative design process. Through the project, I was able to further develop my entrepreneurial drive and take a new approach to product ideation and development.


Marketing Consulting Analysis, Portsmouth Book and Bar

Through my consumer and buyer behavior course, I worked with a team to analyze the current store layout, brand positioning, and product offerings of the Portsmouth and Bar.

Through a 15 page analysis and presentation, our team presented key findings relating to consumer behavior trends as recognized primarily in Paco Underhill's Why We Buy that impacted the business both positively and negatively. Following our analysis, we made recommendations for the local business to improve profitability, customer engagement, and loyalty, citing consumer and buyer research and Cialdini's own findings through a final written report.


Brand Extension Failure Analysis, Cosmopolitan 

Through my Consumer Behavior class, I worked with a team to analyze why Cosmopolitan's 1999 yogurt brand extension failed, and propose a different extension that would find success in the marketplace. Ultimately, the team proposed a lingerie line titled Declassified by Cosmopolitan. This was decided after researching, analyzing, and concluding why the 1999 extension failed and ensuring that the conflict of cognitive associations wouldn't be apparent in this launch. Specific topics capitalized on throughout the argument urging its extension inculcated self & identity; product consideration, evaluation, and choice; behavioral theory; social influence; unconscious influence, and attitude. Feel free to reach out to request access to the complete analysis or if you would like to learn more about the vacant niche in the feminist lingerie market which was explored throughout our proposal.


Marketing Analysis, Columbia Sportswear

In my Principles of Marketing Class, I worked with a team for the duration of the semester to reinvigorate Columbia sportswear's marketing strategy in order to make it more competitive with more common market shareholders Patagonia and The North Face.


Clearway, First-Year Innovation & Research Experience

As early as the Spring of my freshman year, I competed in the Undergraduate Research Conference alongside my FIRE team through our proposal of Clearway, a dashboard enhancement to increase safety and ease in vehicular transport.

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