Shawn Mendes Partners With Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG) recently announced a campaign aiming to create shared value between the two organizations by leveraging Shawn Mendes' celebrity platform to appeal to consumers by offering a new product in his name, the "Shawn Mendes Bowl". The initiative also works to benefit the Shawn Mendes Foundation by awarding grants to young sustainability entrepreneurs; which furthers appeal for Gen Z consumers who are especially mindful of corporate environmental efforts.

Chipotle has launched similar campaigns with YouTube Vlogger David Dobrik; one which added a "David Dobrik Burrito" to the menu in an effort to celebrate National Burrito Day, another generated millions of users to engage with the promotion through TikTok (2020). The 2020 TikTok campaign coincided with a jump in share price following a nosedive onset by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about the June campaign and it's correlation with greater returns.

The combined impact of corporate social responsibility and Shawn Mendes' endorsement may show to be a comibination that bodes well with Gen Z and have sequential impact.

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