Taylor Swift's Mention Of Darden Retaurants' Olive Garden Engages Fans And Listeners

Record-breaking musical artist Taylor Swift has voluntarily utilized her social platform to reference brands in recent album releases.

Swift's mentions have had varied effects, and we're unable to know if and quantifiably how much of the changes in stock prices are caused by Swift's influence.

Following Swift's mention of Levi Strauss & Co Class A (LEVI:NYSE) in her hit “Cardigan”, the stock has experienced a net positive in daily volatility since its July release.

In her second album of 2020, Swift mentioned Darden’s Olive Garden brand. Following the song’s release, the stock has also experienced a net positive in its daily volatility, and at a margin significantly greater than that of Levi.

Notably, Swift fans have been referencing the Olive Garden lyric on social media platforms including Reddit, Twitter, and Tiktok. Olive Garden has also been interacting with Swift fans and their created content supporting the songwriter and thanking the singer for the shout-out. Levi, on the other hand, replied to a few tweets but failed to capitalize on the mention.

In the age of influencers and affiliate marketing, proactively considering the impact of informal affiliations, and the extent to which brands engage, provides an opportunity to apply your creativity in an effort to experience greater returns.